I grew up in an entrepreneurial West Coast family, watching my parents run a successful and innovative sustainable building company. Surrounded by leaders in the sustainable building industry, a passion for architecture developed at a young age. As an athlete, I was motivated to earn a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology from Acadia University where I connected with the program’s drive to make people’s lives better. I always knew I wanted a career where I could help people. Real estate allows me to do that in a concrete, meaningful way.

Realtor Elsbet Doucette working on computer with client

I believe in building a relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable and informed. I provide confidence for my clients that is developed through a trust in my ability, my intent, my diligence, and my transparency. As a Realtor, I advocate for my clients through every step of the process and I am dedicated to finding the best possible outcome for their buying or selling experience. 

Realtor Elsbet walking in Arbutus Walk

My priority is connecting with my clients individual needs so I can find them the right property. I want to know their goals, their life plans, their vision. Spending every day in the real estate industry, I can sympathize with what you are up against. The uncertainty, the stress, it can be a little overwhelming. I get that. I maintain my clients peace of mind by being consistently available, and staying current on new regulations and our constantly changing markets. By maintaining my clients peace of mind, I reintroduce excitement and enjoyment into your real estate experience.

I care about my clients and want to see them supported, satisfied, and happy. To me, success is knowing that I have gone beyond their real estate expectations and left them with a sense of calm and fulfillment from our interaction.